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Speed Roller Shutter


High Speed | This roller shutter uses non-metallic materials which allows for quick and quiet operation.

Enhanced Safety Feature It also uses an automatic safety system which stops the door immediately if it encounters resistance when rising and bounce upward when encountering resistance when lowering. This automatic roller shutter can also be operated manually in the case of a power outage.

Outlook | Shutters are manufactured with anti-rust technology, which makes the door durable and anti-acid and base.

Operation | Depending on size of shutters, it can be both motorized or manually operated

Locking Mechanism |

* Motorised Operation – Remote Control/ Push Button

Controls / Biometric Access


* Manual Operation – Key and Lock System

Customisable & anti-rust finishesPopular choices are Colourbond finish

Highly suited for banks, hypermarkets, coffeeshops, bin centres.