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Security Barriers


Completely mobile | Trackless feature enables a go-anywhere, install-anywhere, multi-purpose system

Durable & Functional | Barriers made of steel, Simple but secure anchorage to suit your business.

Compact | The security barriers folds up to only 25% of its open size and folds neatly when not in use. The grilles allow shoppers to view the shop even after hours whilst not jeopardising the security.

Steel Barriers |  Fits to any size openings and up to 2m high. The barriers can be fitted to the inside or outside of existing doors and using adjustable posts at intervals for support means you do not need top support or tracks.

Operation | The system is manually operated. It can be permanently fixed against a post or be portable.

Locking Mechanism | The barriers can be locked on either the left/right side or centre. The locking mechanism comprises of a security slam lock with high grade double hooks and locating pins for added strength and security.

Customizable & anti-rust finishes | Epoxy powder coated and galvanised against corrosion.

A popular choice as barrier access for shopping malls, factory units, carparks, loading docks, function centres, warehouses, exhibition halls, sporting facilities, crowd control and partitioning.