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Roller Grille Shutter


High Ventilation Index The grille profile offers ventilation, visibility and security to buildings. Because of its lightweight, it can be operated easily.

Outlook | This roller grille is designed to offer a brick-like profile. Additionally, some rows of aluminium flat slats can

be incorporated into the shutter design if requested by our customers.

Operation |  Due to its lightweight, the shutter can be operated manually. A motorised type is recommended for

openings that are wide or high.


Locking Mechanism | For Manual shutters, locks are installed at waist level or bottom-rail with lock bars locking

into the side of the door.


For Motorised shutters, a control button box will be operating the locking device.

Customisable & anti-rust finishesPopular choices are natural anodized finishes.

Popular Choice for shop window displays, showrooms, multi-storey car parks, garages, MRT station entrances.