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Perforated Roller Shutter


Perforated Profile | The perforated shutter features shutter slats that are manufactured in our facility with our roll-form machines. This shutter is great for shops which requires visibility and ventilation yet needs another defence against pests.

Safety at a Competitive Pricing Commonly used in the market, the see-through perforated Roller Shutters is customizable, economical and yet provides the security that a business needs. A design that is everlasting.

Outlook | The slats are perforated hence allowing for ventilation to occur as well as for visibility of store products when store lights are turned on even after hours.

Operation | Depending on size of shutters, it can be both motorized or manually operated

Locking Mechanism |

* Motorised Operation – Remote Control/ Push Button

Controls / Biometric Access


* Manual Operation – Key and Lock System

Customisable & anti-rust finishesPopular choices are Natural Anodized (NA) finish, Natural Anodised, Powder

coated or Fluorocarbon Coated.

A popular choice for Shopping centres, showrooms, sporting halls, garages, canteens and market units.