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MVPS Roller Shutter


Aesthetically Classy | Transparent polycarbonate panels allow more light to penetrate through creating a pleasing and classy effect; colour-customizable aluminium frame to match business image

Transparent Panels | Increased visibility of products, hence

increasing business exposure to potential clients

Operation | Depending on size of shutters, it can be both

motorized or manually operated

Polycarbonate Panels | The MVPS shutter uses clear

polycarbonate panels. Our polycarbonate panels have

undergone testing for both strength and durability, ensuring

safety whilst giving a clean and bright façade to your business.

Locking Mechanism |

* Motorised Operation – Remote Control/ Push Button

Controls / Biometric Access


* Manual Operation – Key and Lock System

Customisable & anti-rust finishesPopular choices are

Natural Anodized (NA) finish, white or black Powder Coat


A popular choice as shopfronts, banks and supermarkets.