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Heavy Duty Roller Shutter


Heavy Duty | These shutters are designed to withstand vigorous handling in places such as warehouses and

factories. Non-perforated and perforated slats are available for the customisation of the shutter. Integration of both

slat types can also be done to suit our customers needs.

Outlook | Slat profile is clean, neat but strong

Operation | Motorised operation by an auto-stop limit-switch connected to push button controls

Locking Mechanism |  Locking by optional accessories such as Integrated Door-Pass, Locking switch or Wireless

Remote-control can also be incorporated into the shutter to suit customers needs. In the case of an emergency, a

chain pulley can be used to operate the shutter manually.

Customisable & anti-rust finishesPopular choices are Galvanised, colour-bond, powder-coated,

fluorocarbon-coated finishes.

Most suitable for Warehouses, hangers, shipyard, factories, exhibition halls and other security installations.