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FC300 Folding Closure


Space-efficient | no headspace required

Increased Flexible & Mobility | able to secure businesses with a curved shopfront

Lightweight yet stable and strong | aluminium frame with polycarbonate, perforated aluminium panels and/or combination of both

Aesthetically Classy | Transparent polycarbonate panels allow more light to penetrate through creating a pleasing and classy effect; colour-customizable aluminium frame to match business image

Transparent Panels | Increased visibility of products, hence increasing business exposure to potential clients

Unique locking mechanism | Leading posts will be fitted with a lock and, 2 key cylinders which can be operated from both sides. Shops can be locked without a key, hassle-free.

Polycarbonate Panels | 3mm thick transparent polycarbonate panels provide remarkable impact resistance

Perforated Aluminium Panels | Colour-customisable 3mm thick aluminum sheeting which provides approximately 50% ventilation with 5mmØ multi holes

Manually-Operated | FC300 can be either single or bi-parting in operation, stacking to one or two sides as required and depending on side room clearances

Customizable & anti-rust finishes | Popular choices are Natural Anodized (NA) finish, white or black Powder Coat Finish

A popular choice for shopfronts, reception areas, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, clubs and banks